Problems when no matter what you try on, nothing seems to fit!

  • Trousers that fit your waist are too short or too long in the leg, and require adjustment.
  • Polo shirts which fit nicely on the body are too short to tuck in.
  • The size you normally wear swallows you in one store, and is tight in another.

Trying to decipher the different sizing systems – sets your head spinning, and the problem with today’s clothing sizes is that as a nation, our basic shape has been gradually changing.

Trowbridge Schoolwear holds fits of trousers for all shapes and sizes (14″ to 50″ waists and up to 36″ inside leg).

Approved uniforms for :-

  • John Of Gaunt
  • Christ Church C Of E Voluntary Controlled Primary
  • Hilperton Primary
  • The Grove
  • Fitzmaurice Primary